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Astronova® brand new flower available in the US.

Astronova® - ten years in the making. We looked up at the night sky. A new star was looking back.

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Sun Up: instant sunshine

With Sun Up, you can add a splash of sunshine to any bouquet in no time at all. This cheerful Santini really goes with everything....

Charmelia: stunning in winter as well

From wintry white to deep purple. With Charmelia, you can create stunning winter bouquets. The generous blossoms provide instant colour, light and warmth – as if the...

Chrysanthemum Molly: endless variety & combinations

Pink Molly, Yellow Molly and White Molly. These radiant Santinis from the Chrysanthemum Molly family make it ever so easy to vary and combine. Never...

Sollinea® garden inspiration

Sollinea® is very versatile and therefore can be placed indoor and outdoor. In this inspiration blog we like to give you inspiration and tips for...

CHIC: a timeless beauty year-round!

CHIC is a whiter than white spray chrysanthemum with a striking bright green heart. You can enjoy CHIC year-round, with its charm and appearance it...

Charmelia: brilliant in wedding flower arrangements

Elegant, feminine and just a little bohemian. Charmelia is perfect for trendy flower arrangements for weddings, from bridal bouquets to floral backdrops.

Let Chrysanthemum Barolo shine in Valentine’s Day bouquets

Chrysanthemums for Valentine's Day? Absolutely, why not! Barolo, in particular, has what it takes to shine on Valentine's Day. This spray chrysanthemum has an intense,...

Statice: more than just blue…

Contemporary colours pack a new punch in our range. Besides the popular blue/purple, we now have a lot more lovely colours available in our range...

Limonium: has instant appeal

Limonium stems are beautifully structured with lots of small flowers at the ends of the lateral branches, making her ideal for field bouquets.

Alstroemeria: robust & radiant

Robust, reliable and radiant in the vase. Our Alstroemeria varieties are true eye-catchers. Beautiful to look at and true eye-catchers in bouquets.

Virtual Inspiration Event Flowers

Inspiration fires up the imagination. It produces ideas that can help you get ahead – both at work and at home. And the great thing...

Yellow makes you happy! The Charmelia series is being expanded again.

Following the success of Charmelia Pink, White and Blush, it is high time to add a new colour to the series: sunny yellow.

Virgin Queen

Something beautiful is growing here... A brand new Alstroemeria with XXL flowers in an intense and dazzling white colour! All flower buds will grow to...

Colour Talks

Colour has impact. Some colours make you feel all zen, while others give you new energy. Once you know more about colours, you will start...