a robust disbudded chrysanthemum with an exceptionally long vase life. The combination of its large, sunny flower and mysterious, dark foliage creates a contemporary contrast and a splash of style. Leto is not just any flower… it is the star of any arrangement and effortlessly catches the eye even on its own. Thanks to great transport properties, Leto brings the sun within reach all year round. Let the radiant energy of this yellow disbudded chrysanthemum bring a touch of sunshine into your day. Bring summer into your home with Leto!


The flowers remain fresh and vibrant in colour, but there’s more! Leto is not only a very versatile flower, but also an exceptionally strong chrysanthemum, allowing consumers to enjoy it for a long time. Its yellow colour might be associated with summer, but don’t be mistaken: it’s precisely this sunny colour that makes Leto stand out in every season. In other words, this flower is a striking presence and will not be ignored.


  •  Summer Arrangements

Combine Leto with other summer flowers for fresh, cheerful arrangements. Add some greenery for a natural look and use transparent vases to emphasize Leto’s sunny character.

  • Autumn Shades

Use Leto as a statement element in autumnal arrangements by combining it with warm tones such as red, orange and brown. Add autumn leaves and berries for an even more seasonal look.

  • Spring Flowers

Bring the spring feeling into your home by combining Leto with other spring flowers in pastel colours, for example, to create a soft and romantic effect.

  • Minimalist Style

Use Leto as the centrepiece of small arrangements by combining it with just a few other flowers or greenery. Go for a simple, modern vase to highlight Leto’s contemporary appeal.


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