Discover Charmelia’s elegance and versatility, and its exceptionally long vase life of up to 21 days. Here’s everything you need to know:


  • The range features five varieties: Charmelia Pink, White, Yellow, Blanco and Purplex. In 2024, Apricot will be added: a fabulous trendy colour that is not to be missed.
  • Charmelia is delivered with open flowers, so they show colour straight away. That is why this flower is very suitable for wedding flower arrangements. It can certainly also be used for ‘everyday’ bouquets; after all, every day could use some extra colour.
  • Whichever variety you choose, every flower has a touch of green in it as well. It is the same fresh shade of green as the flower’s stems and leaves.
  • Charmelia evokes the feeling of wildflowers, and as such it is ideal for field bouquets. You can always combine Charmelia with seasonal flowers. So you can keep things varied!
  • The usual care tips apply for Charmelia (cut off the bottom of the stems, clean vase, clean water with cut flower food and no leaves in the water). No special care requirements, but exceptionally long vase life!
  • Charmelia is available all year-round in Europe through Together2Grow and in America through Jardines de los Andes

Styling and presentation tips:

  • Place a single stem of Charmelia in a tall vase (on the counter) to show off how many flowers grow on a single stem. Stunning!
  • Be inspired by the latest floral trends. Choose a friendly bouquet in soft pastels one time, and next time go for a cheerful mix of bold colours, such as yellow, pink and purple.


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