Robust, reliable and radiant in the vase

Our Alstroemeria varieties are true eye-catchers. Beautiful to look at and true eye-catchers in bouquets.

With so many different colour shades in our range, you can respond to seasons and trends all year round. Our varieties have an outstanding vase life: all flowers open fully, so the consumer can go on enjoying a colourful, radiant bouquet of Alstroemeria for at least ten days. A luxurious flower with large buds and tons of flowers per stem. She’s super strong and will last easily throughout hot summer days.

Growing Alstroemeria has little impact on the environment. Not only do you need less energy (heat and light) for an optimal cultivation process, but Alstroemeria is also not particularly susceptible to viruses and diseases. So you can keep your use of crop protection products to a minimum, and where you do need to use them, they can be 90% biological.

Alstroemeria will reward you with seemingly endless flowering and is all in all the perfect flower for grand floral designs.