Flourishing and captivating products

The demand for flowers and plants continues to grow. The consumer is always looking for something special. We too are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, and that’s the beating heart of our company. Much of our greenhouse space is dedicated to developing new varieties and improving cultivation techniques. So our growing advisors and account managers are perfectly placed to help our customers achieve the best possible returns from our products.

Globally successful varieties

We produce starting material in the place where it will do best. This depends on many different factors: the climate, the soil and commercial considerations. Achieving a careful balance between all these factors is the best guarantee for a reliable supply of cut flowers, pot plants and bulbs. So it’s no surprise that Royal Van Zanten has a presence on all continents. Ask our agents and distributors for more information.

In the midst of the world

We take our responsibility towards society very seriously and keep a close eye on what is happening around us. And we like to do our bit whenever we can. We invest in the environment, stand up for our industry in issues such ensuring international compliance with plant breeders’ rights, and are committed to good citizenship in every country in which we work. A large proportion of the management positions in those countries are filled by local people.

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Driven people. One family.

Royal Van Zanten is the source of millions of flowers and plants every year. That one flower, for a new girlfriend or a father, a colleague’s birthday or a grandmother, often means more than all the bunches put together. It’s not about the numbers, the colours or sizes. It’s about the love and passion that our breeders bring to this experience.

And that also sums up how we work at Royal Van Zanten. Our strength lies not in our size but in our integrity and dedication to the quality of our products and the way we work with each other – with our customers, our colleagues and with our suppliers. Because Royal Van Zanten constantly nurtures these qualities, we can look forward to the future with confidence.

Breeding is looking ahead

What we understand by high-quality starting material is material that delivers good results: strong, healthy plants and beautiful flowers, good returns and a reliable price.

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Werken bij Royal Van Zanten

Working at Royal Van Zanten

“At our lab in Rijsenhout I work with a team of researchers on improving varieties by means of quality controls, new germination techniques and DNA research.”

Wim Rook, Head of Laboratory

“Royal Van Zanten has given me the opportunity to take courses and qualify as a breeder. I’ve been a breeder for five years now and I’m beginning to see the first results of my labour... and I’m very proud of them."

Dave Geerlings, Potchrysanthemum Breeder

“I am proud of our new pot Bouvardia – an elegant plant from our own ‘breeding kitchen’ with lots of ornamental qualities. Developed in conjunction with our partner grower, this pot plant is now available in four separate colours.”

Harry van Straaten, Team Leader, Breeding

“I really enjoy working for Royal Van Zanten because of the many flowers and plants here. After a few years in the Gladiolus department, I have now been working in the Lily breeding department for three years. Even without specialist training, Royal Van Zanten is giving me plenty of opportunities to grow.”

Adriaan Zweemer, Assistant Breeder
Wim Rook, Head of Laboratory
Dave Geerlings, Potchrysanthemum Breeder
Harry van Straaten, Team Leader, Breeding
Adriaan Zweemer, Assistant Breeder