Purpose: Passing on passion

Passion grows when you pass it on; that is what we believe in. We make our passion visible in our flowers and plants, and tangible in the way we work. We breed and propagate beautiful, inspiring, and sustainable varieties. We do this with a great deal of pleasure.

Our flowers and plants are the manifestation of this passion and purpose.

Our Passion

We have a rainbow of talented people who share their passion for development, propagation and sales of flowers and plants. We work with passion and pleasure and pass it on to:

  • Colleagues
  • Consumers
  • Florists and retail
  • Growers
  • Business partners
  • Knowledge partners & suppliers

Our Vision

We are a leading international breeding company with passionate colleagues, distributors and agents across the globe. We are the preferred supplier for growers in relevant markets. We actively seek collaboration with partners in the value chain. With all our crops we have a prominent position in our selected market segments. Our varieties offer proven traits and added value for all stakeholders in the value chain. The result is sustainable and profitable growth.

Our Mission

With Royal pride we develop, propagate and market unique, future proof, cut flower and pot plant genetics.

We are the preferred choice for our partners across the globe.

Our varieties and concepts provide reliable, proven and consistent value from grower  to consumer.



Our passion and pleasure are the most important ingredients in our products and essential for our relationships with partners and customers. By passing on our passion through our products and cooperation, we contribute towards sustainable growth and a vibrant sector.


In 1901 we were awarded the ‘royal’ trademark. Our royal DNA stands for customer focus. After all, the customer is king. Satisfied customers are what we strive for, and we do this with pleasure, together with the people around us. All the players in our value chain need to be satisfied.


Every variety we introduce to the market deserves a top position in its category. Excellent ornamental value and a strong product are the highest priorities for our portfolio. We invest in valuable characteristics for each of our varieties and are prepared to go the extra mile to achieve this. Our quality is visible in our varieties and in the way we work together.

Better every day

Better by the day. By making small sustainable improvements, we achieve big results for our customers and our company. We value knowledge and its development.


Royal van Zanten is alive with vigour and entrepreneurship. We share our ambition, products and passion with growers and partners worldwide. We strive to give all our varieties a prominent place in the market.

Our view of the world

Flowers and plants add something special to every occasion.

This is what we wish to achieve in everything we do. We inspire the world with beautiful flowers and plants, honest and reliable ways of doing business, and proven quality. In this way we enhance our working pleasure and pass it on to others. This is how we serve our growers and partners in the best way possible.

We strive for a leading position in the market for flowers and plants. This is vital for our success together; now and in the future.

We have every reason to invest in our people, their knowledge, in the renewal of varieties, in technology, and in our environment. With a great deal of pleasure, we work towards achieving sustainable and profitable growth and contribute to the chain in this way.