We care, so we act

“We improve every day to become more sustainable. We create equal opportunities for growth and strive for excellence. We respect each other and Mother Earth. We take responsibility for our future and future generations.“ #wecaresoweact

With our colleagues we choose to focus on 4 SDG's:


good health and well being

A pleasant working environment for all. Monitor the long-term health and well-being of 1200 global employees.


Decent work and economic growth

Treat all employees equally.
Invest in education and training.
Assure sustainable growth.


responsible consumption and production

Breed varieties for sustainable production. Reduce and improve the
impact of our operations.


Partnerships for the goals

Customers are partners. Work together towards future-proof production and logistics.

Our ambition is to continue passing on our passion in the future.

We want to:

  • Increase our positive contribution, reduce environmental impact.
  • Ensure equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Demonstrate appreciation for each other.
  • Look beyond ourselves and our individual employment.
  • Nurture healthy results, outstanding quality and an innovative mindset.
  • Work together with partners for a beautiful tomorrow.