Royal Van Zanten recycles sliding trays

1 Feb 2024

In an ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmentally conscious business practices, Van Zanten Breeding has taken a major initiative by recycling 135.000 sliding trays.

The rooting of chrysanthemum cuttings, moved to Deliflor Hoogveld halfway through last year, resulted in a surplus of sliding trays. In cooperation with supplier Van Krimpen, these trays were recycled into as many as 5 million pots. The pots are used for flowering trials and the breeding of various plants, including asters, celosias, potted chrysanthemums and multifloras.


This environmentally conscious move highlights Van Zanten Breeding’s ongoing commitment to strive for more sustainable operations while maintaining quality. These goals are described in an ESG report. In 2022, 10 concrete actions were implemented that contribute to the sustainability goals. Also in 2023 and 2024, we took actions to achieve ambitions. Read Van Zanten Breeding’s entire ESG rapport or go to our sustainability program on the website.
‘we care, so we act’


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