FlowerTrials Review 2024!

20 Jun 2024

Our FlowerTrials have once again attracting lots of visitors! Last week, visitors from more than 60 countries enjoyed colourful presentations, ideas and concepts. With pride and passion, our colleagues showed flower and plant lovers the world of breeding. #whatsbloomingtoday

New: Jellyfish® a refreshing sea of flowers
Just like its namesake in seas and oceans, Jellyfish is a wondrous thing to behold. Prepare to be amazed by the unique colours and the special flower shape that sets this plant apart from the rest of the market. Embrace the unusual! Now presented for the first time at this year’s FlowerTrials® in collaboration with growers SV.Co and Kwekerij Berkhout.

Bestseller: PaX
PaX creates a vibrant colour spectacle in outdoor areas. And you’ll enjoy these flowers for a long time to come. PaX is famous for being one of the longest flowering garden chrysanthemums. A pleasure to work with and to look at!

Poster generator garden centres and retail
Step by step, our inspiration platform for garden centres, florists and trade is being expanded.
Not only content, but also practical tools are part of our vision. As a breeder, we find accurate consumer information essential and we also feel it is our duty to share this information.   Like our poster generator, where you can easily create your own posters of plants with logo, price and barcode. Users recognise the convenience!

Bonita Family
Bonita is known for its shelf life and transportability. What is new is that a yellow and orange variant are now also available.  With now its fresh white, radiant yellow and cheerful orange colours, the Bonita family immediately catches the eye. These colours are not only perfect for composing cheerful bouquets, but also for creating creative arrangements for all seasons.

New: Discover the radiant yellow Leto
A robust disbudded chrysanthemum with an exceptionally long vase life. The combination of its large, sunny flower and mysterious, dark foliage creates a contemporary contrast and a splash of style. Leto is not just any flower… it is the star of any arrangement and effortlessly catches the eye even on its own. Thanks to great transport properties, Leto brings the sun within reach all year round. Let the radiant energy of this yellow disbudded chrysanthemum bring a touch of sunshine into your day. Bring summer into your home with Leto!

Fabienne: Viva la vida
Viva la Vida is the most colourful flower trend of 2024. With its vibrant, cheerful and expressive features, Fabienne is a perfect fit for this trend. Let this deep-pink spray chrysanthemum shine in joyous bouquets, in line with the latest trend!
We now see new colours coming with a dark purple and salmon variant. The final chord has not yet been played.

You are more than welcome next year too in Week 24 – 2025!

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