Royal Van Zanten catalogue now CO2 neutral

24 Nov 2022

The new Royal Van Zanten Pot & Bedding catalogue is 100% CO2 neutral for the first time. It’s just one of the ways in which Royal Van Zanten gives substance to its sustainability programme: “We care, so we act”.

Royal Van Zanten has fully offset the new catalogue’s CO2 emissions through an investment in nature conservation. This CO2 offset project investment goes to the Dutch nature reserve, Biesbosch, to the south of Rotterdam.

‘The catalogue has been printed on paper with the FSC label for some time, so making it fully CO2 neutral is the logical next step to ensure a more sustainable business,’ says Marketing and Communication specialist, Sylvia Reitsma-Dral.

The company’s employees formulated the sustainability programme, “We care, so we act”, themselves. To continue passing on their passion, employees take responsibility for putting the programme into action. Reducing the CO2 footprint and damage to nature and the environment is one of the programme’s pillars.

What does CO2 neutral mean?
CO2 neutral means that a production process has no impact on the balance in the atmosphere. The CO2 impact of a process is calculated and then offset by investing in nature restoration or conservation.

At Royal Van Zanten, people’s passion is important and part of the company’s purpose: Passing on passion. This is also the main motivator for the sustainability programme. We need to care for each other and the planet in order to continue to pass on our passion. Royal Van Zanten is constantly looking for opportunities to make further improvements in this regard.

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