Donation to Prinses Máxima Center the crown on 160th anniversary celebrations

23 May 2022

Donation to Prinses Máxima Center the crown on 160th anniversary celebrations.
€ 16.649 raised through auction and gifts by employees, customers and partners.

In 2022, Royal Van Zanten celebrates their 160th anniversary with employees, customers and partners. The company added a royal touch to the festivities by making a donation to the Prinses Máxima Center for pediatric oncology. The sum was brought together by employees, customers and partners. 

On the 20th of May CEO Maarten Goos handed over a check worth € 16.649 to Renske Leyenaar- van de Wolfshaar at the Prinses Máxima Center. The sum was raised during several festive activities from 9 to 14 May. The earnings from a special auction of ‘Dancing Queen’ Alstroemerias were doubled and added to the contributions from employees, customers, and partners.

Maarten Goos says: “This is a joint donation from employees, partners and customers. The handing over of this check to the Prinses Máxima Centre for pediatric oncology, a gift from our network, is the crown on our anniversary.”

Auction Dancing Queen
On May 9th, all ‘Dancing Queen’ Alstroemerias, made available by Siem Knol Alstroemeria, Hoogenboom Alstroemeria and Firma A. Vreugdenhil Alstroemeria, were auctioned for this cause. The auction was facilitated by Royal Flora Holland. Total earnings were doubled by Royal Van Zanten.

Festivities with customers
On May 13th, Royal Van Zanten welcomed almost 150 Dutch customers and partners at their facilities in Rijsenhout, where the 160th anniversary was celebrated. Many of the guests made a contribution to the Prinses Máxima Center on the spot.

Commercial Director Rick Kroon stressed the bright future for the company during his speech: “An anniversary is a moment to stop, reflect and evaluate. It is thanks to our customers that we are here. I joined Royal Van Zanten recently, but I have come to know a passionate, powerful company. This company has all that it takes to continue passing on passion for another 160 years. That is a great reason to enjoy a good party together.”

Family day
On May 14th, all Dutch employees and their families celebrated during a sun-blessed family day. There was entertainment, good food and the opportunity for employees to show their workplace to family members. Many of the employees have also contributed for the Prinses Máxima Center.

On behalf of the Prinses Máxima Foundation Renske Leyenaar – van de Wolfshaar receives the cheque from Maarten Goos (CEO Van Zanten Breeding). 

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