Royal Van Zanten releases first-ever ESG report

14 Jul 2023

Our actions today will make a difference tomorrow #wecaresoweact
Royal Van Zanten releases its first-ever Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) report today. The report is the next step in Royal Van Zanten’s sustainability journey. It makes objectives clear and actions tangible and transparent, in line with Royal Van Zanten’s sustainability strategy.

Maarten Goos, CEO of Van Zanten Breeding says: “Sustainability is about caring for tomorrow. However, it is our actions today that make the difference. Our ESG reporting helps us to be accountable for those actions.”

Employee engagement
Royal Van Zanten’s ambitions were defined by a group of employees around the globe and are overseen by a steering group that represents all employees. They want to reduce environmental impact and create a corporate culture that ensures equal opportunities for everyone and nurtures mutual appreciation.

Sustainable development goals
The company contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations and has defined goals that it can contribute to most.

Breeding for sustainability
Breeding is the company’s core business. Royal Van Zanten aims to develop varieties that support biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem. The second focus for breeding is to develop stress and disease tolerant varieties to that can be grown with low energy inputs.

Other sustainability objectives include a transition to 100% green energy, biological crop protection, a circular water system and climate neutral operations. The company also wants to improve measurement systems for employee development, working conditions and reduce the living wage gap.

Concrete actions
The 2022 report provides many examples and 10 concrete 2022 actions that contribute to the sustainability objectives. All actions are projects with relevance for employees and partners.

Read the entire Royal Van Zanten ESG rapport

Discover the Royal Van Zanten CSR policy on our website or discover more about our sustainability activities: Sustainability – Royal Van Zanten

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