With its fresh white, bright yellow and lively orange colours, the Bonita family immediately catches the eye. These flowers are not only perfect for putting together cheerful bouquets, but also for making creative arrangements. What wonderful creation will you make with it?

The bright colours of the Bonita family will make your bouquets sparkle, whether you choose white, yellow, orange or a colourful mix! This spray chrysanthemum is ideal as a bouquet filler and perfect for all types of arrangements in floral foam, including funeral flowers. Its year-round colour retention means Bonita is always a good choice, regardless of the season. Even on long journeys, Bonita flowers stand their ground, thanks to their excellent transport properties; by land, air or sea.

Playful creations

Are you ready for something different from a standard bouquet? Bonita lends itself surprisingly well to creative floral arrangements that fit the latest trends. The flower trend Playful Construction, in particular, perfectly suits the colourful character of the Bonita family. Let these vivid spray chrysanthemums shine in cheerful creations that radiate energy. Play with spherical shapes for a lively effect and create a sense of movement by placing the flowers at an angle, as if the wind were blowing through them. It will give you new energy as well.

USPs Bonita family

  • Radiant colour palette
  • Fresh green centre
  • Perfect flower shape
  • Reliable bouquet filler
  • Suitable for arrangements in floral foam, including funeral flowers
  • Excellent transport properties, even in sea transport!


In 2023, Bonita Orange received the ‘best in class’ award at the Society of American Florists convention!


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