White petals surrounding a bright green centre: that’s Sira! This Santini chrysanthemum will add a fresh touch to any bouquet. You can vary and create endlessly with Sira, because it really goes with everything.

Playing with colours

Sira looks stunning in white-green bouquets. These bouquets are timelessly beautiful and suitable for any occasion – especially to celebrate a fresh start! If you prefer to add some colour, Sira’s neutral colour scheme lets you combine it with any other flower.

Strong & sturdy

In addition to its radiant flowers, Sira also has strong stems and an exceptionally long vase life. In other words, this Santini is a reliable ingredient for all your bouquets. And not only the common mixed varieties: you can also add one or a few Santinis to your field bouquets, for example. Let’s go wild!

 Tips & facts:

    • Just a few stems of Sira in a tall vase will draw attention to the strong stems and the exceptionally long vase life.
    • Combine Sira’s white-green blooms with delicate white flowers with a yellow centre. A true springtime feeling!
    • Sira’s bright green centre will always stand out. Looking at greenery reduces stress, so you have every reason to check it out.


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