What’s b(l)ooming today is an inspiration platform about flowers and plants. On the platform, the breeder of Chrysanthemum, Lilies, Alstroemeria and Statice, among others, presents beautiful images and surprising and creative applications of the exclusive and high-quality varieties in their portfolio.

Demand for information and inspiration
We are capitalising on the increasing demand for information and inspiration among florists, floral designers and buyers. With a centralised response to this demand, the breeder aims to supports growers in their marketing.

Variety of themes and types
The inspiration pages will comprise Cut Flowers, Flowerbulbs and Potted Plants and highlight current events or special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or wedding flowers. In addition to the content that is already present on the platform, many growers will be introduced and visitors can expect to see sneak previews of novelties and new concepts. The DYI pages aim to encourage people to get creative with flowers.

Distinctive in the market
Florists, floral designers and buyers of flowers and plants make their choice from a large and growing selection every day. They enjoy finding inspiration and are looking for information about new and exclusive products. A surprising and distinctive assortment of flowers and plants is increasingly important, due to an ever more competitive market.

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