Nature is a source of inspiration for many trendsetters and designers in 2024. It offers beauty, peace, and wonder. In today’s time, it is more important than ever to cherish and protect nature. That’s why we have chosen colours for our 2024 pot & bedding catalogues that are inspired by nature and the desire to create a more sustainable future.

Biodiversity vs. Design

One of the most important trends in the design world is the focus on biodiversity. Biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate worldwide. As trendwatcher Christine Boland said in her trend presentation: “We need to go into relationship therapy with nature, giving it the space and time to recover, to regenerate.”

This trend translates into patterns and treatments inspired by flowers and herbaria. For example, we see fabrics in the fashion world with prints of flowers, leaves, and plants, as well as beautiful botanical illustrations. These patterns can also be found in interiors and exteriors. They create a natural look and a relaxing atmosphere in the consumer’s home or garden.

Yellow, the colour of solar energy

The last trend we want to mention is the (sun)rise or return of yellow. Yellow is the colour of light and solar energy. It represents the desire to create a more sustainable future. This yellow can be very diverse, but it always has a positive and energetic aura.

New pastel shades emerge in the light of the sun

The yellow also shines its light on the other colours in the palette, creating soft, modern pastel colours. “As if these colours had been bathed in sunlight.”

These pink, purple, and green pastel shades are fresh and flowery. They are inspired by the dream of a digital paradise, but also by the beauty of nature. The new shades give your designs a soft and light/airy look. They are perfect to combine with other colours and materials, making them suitable for almost any interior style.

With the help of AI, we created 3 different colour keys/ mood boards for inspiration.

Colour key:

Colour key:

Colour key:

Bring nature into your home!

We hope that our products in our new pot & bedding catalogues will inspire you to bring nature into your home. With these colours and plants, you create a beautiful and positive living environment for yourself and the people around you.

Download our new catalogues here at our download page. Or flip through the catalogues on your device.