Its soft ivory colour makes Prosecco shine anytime, anywhere. This versatile spray chrysanthemum will add a touch of elegance to any bouquet. With its fresh, green centre that adds sparkle, it lends style to even ‘everyday’ bouquets. What’s more, Prosecco is also a real eye-catcher when used on its own.

Soft and versatile

Combine Prosecco with soft pastel shades for a trendy and romantic look or add light green accents for a playful effect. These colour combinations are gorgeous, not only in bridal floristry but also in festive bouquets.

Incredibly strong

Don’t be fooled by Prosecco’s soft hues: the flower itself is incredibly strong! In other words, Prosecco is a product you can transport without worry. Once arrived in the consumer’s home, this spray chrysanthemum shows its strength with its exceptionally long vase life. Repeat purchases are obvious – after all, who can resist the charm of Prosecco? Good news: Prosecco is available year round.


Put a single stem of Prosecco in a cute little vase, add some light grasses for a playful effect and voilà: you have made a charming gift.

Use Prosecco to enrich your creations and let its timeless beauty sparkle in any setting!



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