Mother’s Day calls for a shop filled with tempting bouquets that radiate love. With Prosecco, you can create such bouquets in no time at all. Be inspired by the scintillating bouquets our floral stylist has created with this versatile ivory chrysanthemum.

Pastel power

Its tender ivory colour gives Prosecco a warm yet refreshing look. This unusual colour is gorgeous when paired with soft pastels. Combine Prosecco, for example, with lush flowers in shades of soft pink and apricot. Very tempting! It’s a good idea to offer some choice in bouquet sizes: from XXS to XXL, so that everyone can afford to give mum a gorgeous Mother’s Day bouquet.

Refreshing spring green

Prosecco offers endless variety. Why not draw attention to the bright green flower centre? You can enhance this fresh green colour by combining Prosecco with spring-green materials, such as snowball (Viburnum) and the white-green waxflower variant. This combination works really well in bouquets or garlands, but also, for example, in a low arrangement in a colourful baking dish. If you ask the kids to add some flowers, they can “bake something” for Mother’s Day themselves.

Always richly flowering

Prosecco is loved by florists for its beautiful ivory colour that combines beautifully, and its volume. With its wide-spreading stems and large number of flowers per stem, creating a lush bouquet is easy as can be. Perfect for Mother’s Day, but also for other occasions that call for lots of flowers, of course.

Tip! If you have some spare Prosecco stems, try making small, lush bouquets that children can give to their mum, bonus mum or grandmother. So cute!


Prosecco exudes the atmosphere of summer days during spring. This way, Mother’s Day will be sunny whatever the weather!


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