Green vibes only! For nearly 75 years, this company has been cultivating a wide variety of houseplants and flowering garden plants, including over 75,000 pot alstroemeria Colorita® and pot limonium Salt Lake®.

As we walk through the company in early spring, it’s bustling. The greenhouses are filled with garden plants that will make their way to consumers in the coming months. Yet, there’s a sense of calm in the sustainably heated greenhouses. Everything is clean, the plants are neatly arranged in rows, and the staff seems to know exactly what they’re doing.

The company is at the forefront of the transition to sustainable cultivation. The greenhouses are heated without CO2 emissions, and with 1,100 solar panels, all electricity is generated sustainably.

Plantanious traces its origins back to Kwekerij Loek Jansen. It’s a family business known for its indoor plants and seasonal products for three generations. Led by twin brothers Freek and Joost, the company focuses on innovation, quality, and sustainability.

About Colorita®
“The decision to cultivate Colorita® was made 25 years ago. We were fans from the very beginning! When customers walk around here, they are impressed by the compact and uniform Colorita® plants. That’s why we have chosen this beautiful product for 25 years,” says sales manager John Langeslag.

About Salt Lake®
Salt Lake® has also been cultivated by Plantanious for quite some time. Co-owner Freek Jansen says, “This is truly a product for nature lovers. It attracts many bees and butterflies and therefore fits perfectly with our green mission to grow sustainable plants.”

For more information about Kwekerij Plantanious, visit their website:

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