The name Salt Lake is a nod to the salt crystals that form on the leaves of this purple Limonium. On lovely summer days, these crystals will sparkle in the sun. Imagine butterflies fluttering around it too… Enchantingly beautiful!

Sea of flowers
Limonium Salt Lake is also known as sea lavender. It is a perennial that will produce new blooms well into autumn. These purple flowers are a hit with butterflies, bees and other insects. A feast for the eyes! The plant flowers profusely, so feel free to pick a few stems for drying as well. This way, you will be enjoying it even in winter.

Rays of sunshine
You don’t need green fingers to look after Salt Lake. Water the plant regularly, especially if you have planted it in a pot. You can put the plant in either a sunny or shaded spot. A sunny spot is best, because then the salt crystals on the leaves will sparkle beautifully when the sun shines on them. If you want to keep the plant in the garden all year round, cover it well in winter.


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