Lovely, cheerful and sophisticated. That’s what Bellevardia is all about. This lush pot plant blooms all summer long with romantic flower clusters. A delight in your home!

Bellevardia is a Bouvardia variety that is recognisable by its typical, somewhat square flowers. Bellevardia’s colour palette boasts bright shades of white, pink and red. Lovely and summery!

Flowers on the table
With Bellevardia, you can create a lovely, cheerful atmosphere in your home in no time. Display this floriferous plant on the dining room table, for example, or in the windowsill. This mood setter offers many more possibilities. How about the bedroom or home office? Tip! Bellevardia is perfect for gifting, for example, for Mother’s Day, as a birthday present or just because.

Bellevardia is available from May through October.

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