If you are looking for a strong, winter hardy lavender: Lavandula Havana is one of the strongest lavender varieties! With this robust perennial – boasting intensely blue-purple flower spikes – you can create a Mediterranean atmosphere in no time at all in your border, or on your terrace and balcony.

Lavender field
Lavender is an easy perennial that works in any garden. Use it as a purple-blue accent in a natural garden, but also to create a colour block in a more sleekly designed garden. If you are an avid lavender fan, why not create a lavender field by planting an entire plant section with lavender? You’ll imagine yourself in France on a beautiful summer evening! Since this plant thrives in pots and planters as well, you can also create a lovely Mediterranean atmosphere on (rooftop) terraces and balconies.

Colour & fragrance
Lavender is a real feast for the senses. The typical blue-purple lavender colour looks absolutely beautiful (and easily combines with other colours). We also all know the scent of lavender and its soothing effect. It makes lavender the perfect plant to place on or around a terrace. You can also plant them along a garden path so can enjoy the scent as you walk past. It smells amazing!

Butterfly plant
Lavender has a positive effect on the biodiversity around them. The flowering plants are ever so attractive to butterflies, bees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects. In fact, lavender is in the top-10 of butterfly plants. Insects buzzing and fluttering around the flowering spikes makes the garden a lively spot where you will want to spend time.

Tips & facts
• Lavender is a real sun worshipper! Give this perennial a sunny spot to encourage a rich display of blooms.
• Lavender also works well in façade gardens. The scent will have passers-by floating away on dreams of Southern France.
• Pick a few sprigs to dry, so you can continue to enjoy the soothing fragrance even in winter.
• Aphids don’t like strongly scented plants like lavender, so it’s a good idea to plant lavender next to plants that tend suffer from these pests. This will keep them at bay.

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