Royal Van Zanten expands ‘Meet the Grower’ abroad

30 Jan 2024

Through our inspiration platform ‘What’s B(l)ooming Today’, we have offered our customers the opportunity to share the story behind their flowers and plants with chain parties since last year. The focus of ‘Meet the Grower’ is on providing information about the growing method, the production process and the grower’s role within the entire chain.

In doing so, we also give a voice to all the dedicated people involved. But certainly also insights into important issues such as sustainability, social security and quality are discussed. In short, a unique look behind the scenes at our customers, who use our cuttings to bring beautiful, flowering flowers and plants to the market.

After the successful start, we are gradually expanding ‘Meet the Grower’ to our international customers. An expansion that strengthens our What’s B(l)ooming Today platform and highlights Van Zanten Breeding’s commitment to sharing the stories and processes behind flowers and plants worldwide. Check out the story about Marginpar.

About What’s B(l)ooming Today
What’s b(l)ooming today‘ is the inspiration platform on which Royal Van Zanten, as breeder of, among others, chrysanthemums, lilies, alstroemeria and statice, presents exclusive and high-quality varieties, supported by beautiful inspiration images and surprising applications. The platform thus meets the need for information & inspiration of florists, floral designers, marketers and buyers by also making visual material, texts and videos available.

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