One of Marginpar’s farms, Carzan, is located in Nakuru, Kenya. Being within the equator, the nursery enjoys optimal conditions needed to grow quality and fresh flowers annually. It enjoys well-balanced hot and overcast temperatures throughout the year, allowing the farm to achieve the desired production cycle and amount consistently.

The China Series is a line of and unique limonium varieties. Dennis Cheruiyot, who is the production unit manager at Carzan farm:”Limonium China White is a unique variety for us, producing between 16-20 stems per plant, in a total hectare we are expecting about half a million stems, averagely they do a length of 60-70 cm and we are happy with the color spectrum”

Dennis also confirmed that China White is a great competitor to gypsophila, mainly because of its unique trait and the extra yellow tone, making it more desirable to florists and consumers. Another China serie variety that’s grown here is China summer. New exciting China varieties are being tested at the trail site as we speak.

The Limonium China series are trendy summer flowers, given that the 1980s trend of incorporating dried limoniums into bouquets is back. Its vintage look blends well in a bouquet, softening and adding the desirable depth to it. Independently, Limonium China White and Summer can effortlessly steal the show, thanks to their delicate yet intriguing petals that almost look like paper.


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