Charmelia Campaign launched: the feeling of wildflowers

21 Jun 2023

Field bouquets are surprisingly popular in Europe these days. They radiate positivity, cheerfulness and optimism, and that’s exactly what we need. Charmelia evokes ‘the feeling of wildflowers’, making it a perfect flower for a field bouquet.  

Long-term enjoyment
Charmelia® is a product from breeder Royal Van Zanten and is grown by Together2Grow in The Netherlands and Jardines de los Andes for the USA. The range now consists of six varieties: Charmelia Blush, Charmelia Yellow, Charmelia Pink, Charmelia White, Charmelia Purplex and Charmelia Blanca. It is a special florinca, with beautiful flowers that radiate strength and positivity. Charmelia is not a field flower, but scores highly in terms of sustainability, due to its low-energy cold cultivation, and fits perfectly into this trend. Alongside the versatility of the colourful Charmelia collection, these varieties also have an exceptionally long vase life of up to 21 days. That means that this ‘wildflower’ gives long-term enjoyment!

Pick the summer
The availability of Charmelia in different colours means florists can use it in many different ways. Although beautiful as a solo flower, Charmelia also feels completely at home in a field or garden bouquet. It brings lots of colour to the bouquet, which is simply enhanced by its abundant flowering. More and more brides are opting for a summery field bouquet as their bridal bouquet. Such a flower-filled bouquet fits perfectly with the trend for weddings in a more casual setting. Charmelia can also be used in floral decorations for the ceremony and party venues.

We recently also launched our  inspiration page ‘What’s b(l)ooming today’, which offers information about new products, inspiration and growers’ stories.

You can also find information, content and inspiration relating to Charmelia on this new platform: Charmelia – Wild flowers

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