Imagine a wildflower meadow on a glorious summer day. Instant happiness guaranteed. You can evoke this positive feeling with a field bouquet – the most popular flower trend these days. Charmelia has the feeling of wildflowers Perfect for field bouquets!

An instant burst of colour
Charmelia feels perfectly at home in field bouquets. This flower is powerful, lush and brimming with positivity. What’s more, Charmelia shows plenty of colour right away (and it only gets better with its rich blooms). The sparkling colour palette – yellow, white, pink and purple – allows you to create different bouquets every time. And let’s not forget its exceptionally long vase life: the flowers and foliage will stay beautiful for up to 21 days.

Seize the summer!
Charmelia offers endless variety. For a fresh, calm look, you could combine the brilliant white Charmelia with white dahlias and more (late) summer flowers in shades of green and white. Use a single orange colour accent to make it a real eye-catcher. If you are in the mood for something more exuberant, why not mix, for example, pink Charmelia with orange gloriosa and purple alliums, or with dark red and orange dahlias for a warm, late summer ambiance. Do not only experiment with colours, but also with flower shapes and heights. Let your creativity flow – it will make you happy too!

A lush bridal bouquet
Brides are increasingly opting for a summery field bouquet as their bridal bouquet. Such a lush bouquet is perfectly in line with the trend of getting married in a casual setting. Ensure that Charmelia is also incorporated in the decor of the ceremony and party venues. Stunning!


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