Charmelia and Bouvardia combine beautifully with other sparkling flowers. This radiant bouquet has a surprisingly long vase life.


Flowers: Charmelia and Bouvardia, supplemented with roses, spray carnations and Anigozanthos

Vase (Serax)


Cut flower food for Bouvardia (or for roses)

Step 1: Fill the vase with clean water and cut flower food.

Step 2: Carefully clean the flowers. Remove excess leaves from the Bouvardia flowers, to show off the flowers themselves.

Step 3: Arrange the flowers in the shape of a sheaf of wheat. Start with the longest flowers (Charmelia) and rotate the bouquet regularly as you work.

Step 4: Add increasingly shorter flowers towards the outside. Place the Bouvardia flowers slightly higher in the bouquet, so that the stems do not sit too deep in the water. This will improve the bouquet’s shelf-life.

Point of attention: Make sure no leaves are present underneath the tying point.

Step 5: Trim the stems. Tie the bouquet together with the twine and place it in the vase (make sure that the Bouvardia flowers that you have positioned slightly higher touch the water, but do not place them too deeply).

The end result: a sparkling bouquet that will stay beautiful for a very long time!

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