Charmelia: brilliant in wedding flower arrangements
Elegant, feminine and just a little bohemian. Charmelia is perfect for trendy flower arrangements for weddings, from bridal bouquets to floral backdrops. 

Charming Beauty
Charmelia is also called Charming Beauty, and with good reason. This lush flower looks stunning in floral arrangements for weddings. Charmelia is also a particularly strong flower, so no need to worry about it losing its petals. You could even offer the flowers to guests to take home at the end of the party. Both the flowers and the fresh green leaves of Charmelia will retain their beauty for many days to come.

Charmelia’s colour palette is lovely to work with. You can use Charmelia Pink, for example, to create very colourful, romantic bridal bouquets. Charmelia White looks just as romantic, but also a bit calmer. They work beautifully together as well. And by adding a bright colour accent, you can give your wedding flower arrangements a surprisingly bold look.

Charmelia shines in contemporary bridal bouquets, but also in any other floral arrangements you can imagine for an unforgettable wedding day. From wrist corsages to table decorations. From flower archway to flower wall. From floral backdrop to flower cloud. For even more ideas, inspiration and DIYs, please visit the website:


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