Royal Van Zanten joins ThinkPlants™ Perennial Breeder Network USA

10 Mar 2022

ThinkPlants Group expands its network with inclusion of Royal Van Zanten to its list of member companies.

The ThinkPlantsGroup, which strives to bring and represent exceptional genetics as well as promote a high quality and steady supply chain for the North American nursery industry, is announcing a new member. Royal Van Zanten has now joined its network of breeders, growers, and suppliers. This new addition to the ThinkPlants family continues to expand the growing portfolio of genetics and broaden the reach ThinkPlants and its suppliers and customers have in the North American Market.

Royal Van Zanten located in Rijsenhout, The Netherlands, specializes in advanced plant breeding and has introduced some leading genetics into North America. “We have been selling our plants in the United States and Canada, and we think certain products would fit very well with ThinkPlants,” said Rick Kroon, Head of Sales for Van Zanten Breeding B.V. “We feel that participation with the ThinkPlants group will give more exposure to our beautiful genetics at a retailer level.”  From Royal Van Zanten, ThinkPlants will now represent their Alstroemeria Colorita® Series as well as the Limonium Salt Lake®. “I have been a big fan of the Alstroemeria Colorita® breeding, and I look forward to working on the promotion and sales of this product,” says Joey Wiseman, Director at ThinkPlants. “I have also worked in the past selling Limonium Salt Lake® and will enjoy doing so again.”

The addition of Royal Van Zanten’s membership within ThinkPlants comes on the heels of other recent new member additions, Kieft Seed and Creekside Greenhouses. Other group members include Danziger, Syngenta Flowers, James Greenhouses, Terra Nova Nurseries, Kapiteyn, Unex Inc, Green Circle Growers and new genetics from KiwiFlora. “We continue to be excited about ThinkPlants and the companies and products we help to represent,” said Joey Wiseman. “We are a group of independent and well-established breeding and production companies that strive to help members build well-rounded offerings supported by high-quality and trustworthy supply chains.”

Each ThinkPlants participant brings expertise in plant breeding, horticulture, technical support, supply chain, sales, and marketing. It is the strength of these companies working together, which creates such a powerful resource for the North American nursery industry.  “Join us at our ThinkPlants CAST display, in Gilroy, CA,” adds Wiseman. “We would love to welcome you to the Syngenta Flowers location, to see us and much of our plant portfolio in person, including new additions Alstroemeria Colorita® and the Limonium Salt Lake®.”

About ThinkPlants™: ThinkPlants™ represents an exclusive dedicated team, including plant breeders and other horticulture experts, seamlessly connected to a supply chain and sales effort. The strength of ThinkPlants™ is in the cooperation of all participants in bringing plants to market together under one umbrella. ThinkPlants™ offers growers an unrivaled commitment to breeding a diverse mix of improved plant genetics, with a healthy supply chain of top-quality URC, bareroot and liners, along with a true sense of transparency between grower and supplier. Learn more about ThinkPlants™ at

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