Royal Van Zanten joins Breeding Accel

12 Sep 2022

Breeding Accel was founded in 2014 by KP Holland, Schoneveld Breeding, Sion Orchids and Interplant Roses, with the aim of shortening the Time to Market for new products by joining forces in the fields of breeding, research and innovation. In 2020, Fresh Forward Breeding also joined Breeding Accel. The cooperation is bearing fruit through the efficient use of each other’s knowledge and research facilities. In 2021 Breeding Accel has set up a molecular laboratory where the partners use the facilities, conduct joint research and develop knowledge.

Recently, Royal Van Zanten joined Breeding Accel.

Royal Van Zanten is an international leader in the breeding and propagation of a wide range of cut flowers, pot & bedding plants. This year the company celebrates it’s 160 years anniversary. Royal Van Zanten has over 1,000 passionate employees working from its home base in the Netherlands and at its international breeding and production sites in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Colombia.

For Royal Van Zanten, the cooperation gives access to the knowledge and facilities of the Breeding Accel partners.

“Because Royal Van Zanten looks at research and breeding from other crop groups and applications, new insights become available”, says Peter van de Pol, spokesperson of Breeding Accel.

“We are proud to participate in the diverse network of Breeding Accel. It is in line with our ambition and breeding strategy. This cooperation strengthens the innovative character of the participating companies. It is also inspiring for our employees to learn from each other. From experience I know that the ‘cross pollination’ between different companies will deliver many new innovations”, says Joost Kos, Global Head Breeding & Development at Royal Van Zanten.

From left to right: Oliver Borrmann, Peter van de Pol, Robert Ilsink, Joost Kos,
Maarten Goos, Aad van der Knaap, Teunis Sikma, Leo de Vries




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