Royal Van Zanten and BreierCross join forces in carnation

30 Jun 2023

Royal Van Zanten and BreierCross have decided to join forces in the marketing, sales and production of BreierCross carnation genetics in the EAME region (Europe, Africa and the Middle East). The focus will be on East-Africa because of the increasing demand from growers. Carnations are on the rise as popular flowers for consumers and offer a unique set of colours and shapes for bouquets.

Strong collaboration
Royal Van Zanten will start to market BreierCross spray Carnation assortment for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. BreierCross has a strong Carnation assortment with a proven track record in both the Colombian and Asian market. However, so far, it has small track record in the EAME region. The fact that Royal Van Zanten has a strong commercial organisation in this market makes this cooperation a logical strategic choice.

This collaboration is beneficial for both parties. BreierCross will be able to market its genetics in the EAME region without having to set up its own production and commercial organisation. At the same time, Royal Van Zanten will benefit from adding a strategic crop to its strong portfolio of cut flowers to meet customer’s needs.

Matan Be’er, BreierCross CEO: “I believe that the combination of the strong position of Royal Van Zanten in the cut flowers market with our varieties which are the fruits of our independent breeding program can create a great advantage in the carnation market”

(Ilan Breier, selecting new codes in the first selection)

Joost Kos, Director Research & Development, Royal Van Zanten: “The innovative and passionate people at BreierCross makes a perfect match with our staff and ambition to grow our portfolio with this strategic crop. Together we are well positioned to serve the carnation growers with the best-in-class genetics”

Standard and spray Carnation in East-Africa
Carnation is an interesting crop because it travels well and is therefore interesting for growers in East Africa. The fact that Carnation is propagated via cuttings makes this crop a good match for Royal Van Zanten. The cuttings will be produced locally and marketed through our distribution network. The production of cuttings has started and we are ready to supply the first cuttings from the 1st of July 2023. Our focus will be on spray carnation at the start. Over time we will add standard carnation to our offering. 

About BreierCross:
BreierCross is breeder of standard, spray and pot Carnation. All the varieties are tested in Israel, Japan, and Colombia and now also in Kenya. The selection of varieties is conducted separately and independently. This method guarantees the suitability of each variety to a specific region. All elite mother plants of “BreierCross” varieties are propagated in our foundation nurseries, and the source of our plants is in our nucleus house which is in Israel. Each new variety is placed under close supervision that includes periodical tests for viruses, true to type tests, as well as various laboratory tests. These processes are closely supervised by PPIS, Israel’s plant protection and inspection services to guarantee the highest quality product.

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