Programme opening Dutch Lily Days

25 May 2023

The Dutch Lily Days – from 6 to 9 June – is the event where players in the lily sector meet. During this week, 14 participants will open their demonstration greenhouse doors to present their assortment and innovations.
This year, the Dutch Lily Days opening will take place at Van Zanten Flowerbulbs in Hillegom, the Netherlands.

Van Zanten Flowerbulbs envisages the promotion of the Dutch lily as a common concern of the sector. For this reason, we are offering the stage to the various players within the lily sector during the opening ceremony. Not only will we launch together with De Jong Lilies, the new pollen-free, single-flowered oriental series, called Liber Lilies. Royal FloraHolland will also present the new promotional campaign for the lily product group.


11:15 am Reception
11:30 am Official Opening (in English);

  • Klaas Jan Vijn (Van Zanten Flowerbulbs) opens the day.
  • Jan de Boer* (Barendsen) –Liber Lilies launch
  • Paul Wijkmeijer ** (flower artist) sharing his years of experience with lilies and the relevance of the pollen-free lily.
12:15 pm Lunch
13:00 pm Royal FloraHolland Lily product meeting (in Dutch);

  • Presentation Storecheck France
  • Promotion lily campaign launch
13:45-16:00 pm Viewing the demonstration greenhouse and networking with drinks.
Lily quiz organised by Royal FloraHolland.


*About Jan de Boer – Barendsen export and import cut flowers
Jan de Boer, is a passionate florist who owned the flower export company Barendsen, for decennia. Jan was born and raised within the agricultural sector. His father was a grower, and Jan’s bedtime reading included several seed guide books.
Jan’s passion and years of experience mean that he is well known within the floriculture sector. He believes that the lily exudes power, which is why he calls the lily the ‘powerhouse’ amongst flowers.
Jan is a close follower of innovations within the sector and is the obvious choice to launch the new pollen-free Orientals. “The industry can be happy with the introduction of the Liber Lilies, we are paving the way to an even stronger range of top lilies.”

** About Paul Wijkmeijer – Flower Artist
Paul, a rocker with flower power, is renowned for his authentic floral creations that are inspired by his knowledge and contemporary approach to classic flowers. His work stimulates the senses, an enriching experience for anyone who sees them. Paul has been involved with the Frans Hals Museum, in the Netherlands for several years, and works around the globe on floral projects and publications, which includes Harpers’ Bazar. For his charismatic style and art form, Paul is also known abroad. For example in China where he has given several master classes to some of China’s best florists.

Would you like to come and join the opening and view the new Liber Lilies up close and personal?

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