Graff Breeding and Royal Van Zanten announce partnership on ‘Dipladenia / Mandevilla’

13 Jun 2023

Graff Breeding and Royal Van Zanten are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to supply high-quality cuttings of Dipladenia / Mandevilla – the Qdeville®.
Royal Van Zanten will be producer of unrooted and rooted cuttings for growers worldwide.

Royal Van Zanten, a leading provider of young plants and cuttings, and Graff Breeding, a wellknown breeder in the Mediterranean crops, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership focused on delivering the finest cuttings of Dipladenia / Mandevilla (Qdeville®) to customers worldwide. The collaboration between the two companies represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of Qdeville® customers satisfaction and consistent quality.

The decision to join forces stems from the remarkable similarities in the core values and business philosophies shared by both Royal Van Zanten and Graff Breeding. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability, this Qdeville® partnership will try to shape and improve the future of Dipladenia / Mandevilla cultivation. Customers can expect quality unrooted cuttings of Dipladenia / Mandevilla plants, characterized by their health, vigor, and the unique performance. The first deliveries of Un-rooted cuttings of Qdeville® (Dipladenia / Mandevilla) are expected to be available from Q3 2024.

Joost Kos, Maarten Goos, Jacob Graff and Poul Graff.

Speaking about the strategic partnership, Joost Kos, Director Breeding & Development expressed their excitement, stating, “We are delighted to embark on this transformative journey with Graff Breeding. Together, we will redefine the standards for young plant production and distribution, setting a new paradigm in the Dipladenia / Mandevilla industry. Our shared commitment and passion to quality and sustainability will ensure that customers receive exceptional products that meet their expectations.”

Poul Graff CEO of Graff Breeding added, “The collaboration between Royal Van Zanten and Graff Breeding represents a perfect synergy of values and expertise. By joining forces, we can unlock new opportunities, innovate in Dipladenia / Mandevilla young plant production, and bring the most beautiful and healthy young plants to customers worldwide. Together, we will try our best to create a great start for our customers / partners.”

About Graff Breeding: Graff Breeding is a pure breeding company working with tropical / Mediterranean plants and is renowned for its expertise in especially Hibiscus breeding. With a global presence and a rich history of breeding, Graff Breeding is committed to advancing the world of horticulture through groundbreaking discoveries and delivering outstanding products.



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