New ideas at Chrysanthemum Trials at Royal Van Zanten in La Ceja

28 Aug 2023

During the Chrysanthemum week a lot of customers from Latin America and the US have visited our trials at Royal Van Zanten. Visitors have had a special welcome. A typical Colombian vehicle known as a ‘chiva’, adorned with a delightful floral arrangement.

A great background for taking a picture as a creative souvenir. You can see the result on our instagram page. After visiting our greenhouse visitors were surprised about our highlights. A lot of people have enjoyed the ride and were excited about the possilibities!

Highlights on the road
Bonita Sunny and Orange are new additions this year. They are mutants of Bonita, the well-known white spray chrysanthemum. Combined with their excellent qualities, the fresh yellow and orange color of Bonita Sunny and Orange make them a must-have for creating fresh and colorful bouquets and floral arrangements.

We are also proud to present Sun-Up, which is already very popular in Europe. This spray chrysanthemum is perfect for ‘wildflower’ bouquets and floral arrangements, so it matches the latest trends. Whether you choose the yellow variety Sun-Up Sunny or even a combination with white, Sun-Up lends any bouquet a bright sunny look. It is also very suitable for mono or mini bouquets.

Our last highlight is Yellow Cap. This chrysanthemum is not unlike Craspedia when produced as a disbudded chrysanthemum and with the leaves removed. Since it can be sprayed, it is incredibly versatile in use. Just think about the arrangements you can make with Craspedia…

Potential winners
Check our potentional winners and an impression of the trials on our What’s b(l)ooming today blog. The Chrysanthemum Week 2023 at Royal Van Zanten in La Ceja, Colombia was a great success. We hope to see you all next year.

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