Reliability + Quality = Double Check Lily

6 Jan 2021

With more than 12 hectares of glass spread over 4 locations, Double Check Lily is one of the largest lily growers in the Netherlands. 20 million lilies are grown annually on 12.4 hectares. Both LA’s and Orientals Lilies. You can think of the following Van Zanten cultivars: Tourega and Kingsville. “With every choice we make: from product range expansion to sustainability, the quality and reliability of the end product is the most important,” says André Reijm, co-owner of Double Check Lily. Reliability not only characterizes the end product, it is also the mentality of the company: do what you promise! 

Product Range.
As a company you have to stay in de game, continuously innovate and respond to the wishes of the market. We innovate in different areas at the same time. We innovate in: Lily assortment, technology and environment. The lily assortment must be in balance. A balance between specials – new varieties – with which we can distinguish ourselves as a company. And of course which the florist can also distinguish himself with and surprises the consumer. Because that is what we ultimately do it for. The consumer. To achieve this, we work closely with breeders such as Royal Van Zanten. 

New species.
In the greenhouse we have made room for testing new varieties. Testing whether the lily meets the high demands that we set on the product, but also whether the lily ‘suits’ us as a company. With our methods, our production and our vision. In addition, our assortments also includes lilies that have already proven themselves and that are grown in large numbers. We know these lilies, they are good and florist whant them.

Innovation in technology for preserving the environment is something that is high on our agenda. That is why we apply innovations in as many areas as possible. And we reuse as much as possible, think of the cultivation of the Oriental lily, which takes place in crates. But also by working with closed systems, for heat and water. For example, the soil of our LA lilies – which are planted in the open ground – has been “laid” in 2011 and so far nothing has been done with regard to steaming and pesticides.

Passion. Of course there are also innovations to save labor, but this profession is and will always be human work. It is really a craft that you have to feel and experience. What is the quality of the bulbs, how does the stem develop, what are the weather conditions, how should it be anticipated? Continuously experiencing, assessing and responding. You cannot leave that to machines. That is human work. And love you need for the job. Passion that we have for the profession and that you see in our lilies, “André concludes.


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