Alstroemeria ‘Intenz Dark Pink’: intensely pink & streak-free

11 Feb 2022

Widely available from week 5 – Intenz Dark Pink is the latest Alstroemeria variety by breeder Royal Van Zanten. This new variety is cultivated with passion and attention by Decorum grower Together2Grow, meaning that consistent quality is supplied year round.

Large streak-free flowers
With its intense pink colour and particularly large, streak-free flowers, Intenz Dark Pink is a striking appearance within the total range. The dark green foliage really makes the flowers pop. Intenz Dark Pink is related to the well-known variety Intenz Pink, and therefore has the same (cultivation) properties/characteristics. Intenz Dark Pink is ever so slightly brighter in colour, which opens up new possibilities for combinations.

Bright in colour
The excellent quality of the flower, stem and leaf ensures that consumers get to enjoy Intenz Dark Pink for a very long time. As a result, a mono bouquet is like a party in a vase. With its intense colour, this new Alstroemeria also works beautifully as a colour accent in mixed bouquets. It’s bursting with positive energy! Intenz Dark Pink’s large bright-pink flowers are also surprisingly stunning in bridal bouquets and funeral flower arrangements. For the latter, more intense colours are becoming increasingly accepted.

Sustainable cultivation
Alstroemeria cultivation in the Netherlands is one of the most sustainable in the ornamental horticulture sector. Royal Van Zanten is constantly on the lookout for opportunities in its breeding program to make cultivation even more sustainable, and Decorum grower Together2Grow also implements innovations and modernisations in which sustainability plays an important role. Intenz Dark Pink is not only an asset when it comes to appearance; this new Alstroemeria is also a particularly strong variety that can be grown sustainably at low temperatures.

From week 5
Alstroemeria ‘Intenz Dark Pink’ will be available starting from week 5 at the auctions in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer with an expected supply of 10,000 stems per week. They are also available year round in the webshop and from Floriday.


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