With its soft colour palette and beautiful structure, Statice is the perfect bloom for bouquets that follow the latest flower trends. And just like that, Statice is back on the scene. Be surprised by Statice’s new colours, long vase life and versatility.

Soft & dreamy

From pale yellow to lilac. From snow-white to peach (a soft shade between orange and pink). Statice’s colour palette has become very varied. It invites you to create lovely colour combinations in line with the latest floral trends. Try mixing Statice in various soft pastel shades, for example. This is perfectly in line with the Gentle Paradox flower trend, which is characterised by a soft, dreamy atmosphere.


Statice has long, branched stems that end in a series of tiny flowers. Their structure makes them perfect for lush field and wildflower bouquets: just a single stem immediately adds a sea of flowers. A field or wildflower bouquet like this is also very on trend as a bridal bouquet. You could go for a mix of fresh and dried flowers, or just dried flowers. Good to know: if you dry Statice, the flowers will retain their colour.

Styling and presentation tips:

  • Statice dries very well. Try hanging a few bunches on a ‘clothesline’ or on the wall. Very cosy.
  • Combine dried Statice with fresh seasonal flowers in line with the Gentle Paradox flower trend.
  • Create a dreamy atmosphere with cloud-like bouquets and arrangements.


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