Experience the vibe of wildflowers with Charmelia! With this lush flower, you can make absolutely stunning field and wildflower bouquets in no time at all. From brilliant white to deep-dark purple, this colour palette simply begs for variety and experimentation.

Lots of flowers, lots of colour!

Since Charmelia’s flowers immediately show a lot of colour, making a field bouquet with Charmelia is very tempting. Once in a vase, the flower buds will open one by one, making the bouquet show even more colour. With a vase life of up to 21 days (!), consumers can enjoy this sea of flowers for a long time.

Field bouquet & flower trends

Charmelia’s extensive colour palette offers endless possibilities for variation. Be inspired by the latest floral trends. You could go for a mix of bold colours, such as yellow, bright pink and purple. And why not display your field bouquet in an equally colourful vase? This trendy combination is on fire! It you prefer understated, choose the floral trend that uses lots of sweet pastels. This colour scheme lends your field bouquet a very friendly look. Shades of white also work really well with this.

Tips & ideas:

  • For maximum effect, showcase a single stem of Charmelia with a few wildflowers in a colourful vase.
  • Create cheerful, ‘extended family’ field bouquets by combining different colours and stem heights
  • Make little mono bouquets to introduce your customers to this sturdy radiant flower.
  • Field bouquets also make stunning bridal bouquets. Go for radiant white or trendy apricot, for example. A cheerful varied mix is also possible, of course.


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