In summer, we all crave cheerful bouquets that put smiles on our faces. Of course, there are countless flowers to choose from – but what could possibly top the dazzling aster? This flower truly steals the show with its vibrant colours and elegant look.

So many flowers!

Asters will naturally draw your attention. Is it their fresh colour, sunny little centre or perhaps their elegant flower structure? Or could it be the abundance of blooms? Whatever the reason: asters want to be at the centre of your summer bouquets. From a simple mono bouquet to wildflower bouquets: asters will lift your mood!

Great colours

All through the summer, asters are available in white, pink and several shades of blue and purple. These colours are great to work with for all kinds of flower creations. Asters also stay beautiful for a long time and the leaves retain their fresh green colour.

Starry shower

Did you know that “aster” literally means “star”? The name refers to the flowers’ star shape. How fun will it be to regale your customers with this knowledge while adding a full-blown shower of stars to their bouquet with just one stem – it’s almost magical. A single stem is enough to create an enchanting effect.


Tie together a generous bouquet of white asters to create a beautiful cloud of flowers. You could also opt for pastel shades to conjure up a fairytale effect – entirely in keeping with today’s trends.

Asters appear to be made for wildflower bouquets. Mix this summer flower with other types with small blooms for an extra lush look. It’s a great way to make a real impression.


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