Are you ready to bring a touch of underwater magic to your garden or interior? Look no further than the mesmerizing Celosia Reef! Get ready to embark on a journey to the enchanting coral reefs as we introduce you to this unique and captivating flower.

Imagine vibrant and wavy coral-shaped flowers adorning your living room or terrace. The Coral Celosia Reef, with its stunning bi-coloured petals, takes you deep beneath the water’s surface, where life flourishes in the most magnificent way. It’s like having a piece of the ocean right at your fingertips!

Winner prestigious Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023


This extraordinary flower has recently been recognized with the prestigious Glazen Tulp Award 2022-2023 in the category of Garden Plants. Celosia Hot Topic Reef, produced by Ammerlaan-Sosef BV, claimed the top spot with its 39 points. The judges were captivated by its beautiful and unique colour, seeing it as a valuable addition to any garden. They described it as an underestimated plant that can truly enhance garden beds and borders when combined with the right companions.

Celosia Coral Reef: A Floral Masterpiece from the Ocean Depths


The Coral Celosia Reef is not just a plant; it’s an experience. Its vibrant hues and textured appearance create a visual spectacle that is hard to ignore. Whether you’re a passionate plant lover or a creative florist seeking inspiration, this remarkable flower is sure to ignite your imagination.

Spice up your garden with the Coral Celosia’s eye-catching presence, or use it as the centrepiece for stunning arrangements that will leave everyone in awe. Let its vibrant colours and intricate shape be the conversation starter at any gathering or event.

Ready to embark on an underwater adventure without leaving your home? The Coral Celosia is here to transport you to the depths of beauty and wonder. Let the colourful sensation of Celosia Coral brighten your world and infuse it with the magic of the ocean.

Discover the Coral Celosia and unlock the secrets of its captivating beauty. Dive into a world of inspiration and let your imagination blossom with this extraordinary plant.

Where to buy?


The Celosia season runs from April to November. More information for trade, retailers and garden centres: : Ammerlaan-Sosef.