Flowers are emotion. That’s why flowers play such an important role during perhaps the most beautiful day of life: the wedding. There is 1 flower that is so suitable to celebrate this day of love and that is the Lily. Why? Besides the fact that the Lily is a beautiful flower, the symbolism also fits perfectly with this day. Traditionally, brides were given a crown of lilies. In this Step-by-Step a crown of Lilies is made. Of course a contemporary version.

The Lilies in this Step-by-Step are innovative. They are double-flowered Lilies. Besides being real eye catchers, these double-flowered Lilies have no stamens and the scent is slightly sweet.

The following flowers are used: The double flowered Lily “Sabor”, Phalaenopsis (Orchid) and the open Ornithogalums flowers.
Other materials: Diadem, iron wire – thickness 0.6, floral tape, gold aerosol, cold glue and “floral life” spray.

Keep tools such as a knife, iron tongs and cold glue close at hand.

Paint the diadem with the help of a spray can gold (or in the color of your choice) and brighten it up with gold glitter. Put the diadem aside and let it dry.

Place the Lily Flower – in this case “Sabor” – that is most open on wire. Cut the wire shorter and place a drop of cold glue on the spot where the Lily will touch the diadem.

Attach the Lily Flower through the iron wire around the diadem. Hide the iron wire by wrapping “foral tape” around it. In addition to the tape offering extra strength, the wire is also neatly concealed.

Place a dot of cold glue on the second double Lily flower. Let the glue dry again before placing this flower against the open Lily flower.

It is now the turn of the other flowers. These too are attached with cold glue to the diadem. First use the Phalaenopsis to get rid of the “tie point”. And then the flowers of the Ornithogalums.

Finally, spray the flowers with “Floral Life” spray. Floral Life extends the vase life of the flowers, so that you can enjoy the Lily Crown for an extra long time!

Et voila: a beautiful and elegant flower crown with the special double-flowered Lily “Sabor” in the lead role.