These bright orange lilies invite you to create a wonderful summery design. Be inspired by this step by step tutorial with Sunderland Lilies.

Sunderland lilies, grasses, Leucothoe, green gravel, floral foam, sticks, raffia, silicone glue and a smart container.

Keep tool within reach. Soak the floral foam.

Step 1
Generously apply the silicone glue on small patches of the container and press in the gravel. Repeat until the container is fully covered.

Step 2
Place in the floral foam. Use a knife to cut a few inches of the stems of the Sunderland lilies. A clean cut in a sharp angle ensures the flowers can take in enough water so they can open up gloriously.


Step 3
Add the grasses and Leucothoe. To create an extra detail, glue gravel onto sticks and place them in between the flowers.

Step 4
Finish off the arrangement by adding some raffia in between the flowers. Use cloth pegs here and there to clamp raffia on the Sunderland lilies.


Done; you have created a wonderful and summery arrangement with Sunderland lilies! Once they open up this glorious piece provides a burst of colour. The Sunderland lilies are strong flowers to enjoy for a long time. And as an added bonus: they are fragrance free. Enjoy!

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