Royal Van Zanten presents the Rapid Lily

31 May 2018

We are proud to present our Rapid Lily Line-up 2018-2019.

These days the lily market faces major challanges and we would like to respond to these challanges with our rapid lily line-up. Especially for you, as breeder, Royal Van Zanten has shortened the growing time of some Oriental lilies. These rapid lilies have a cultivation period less than 80 days*. Compare this to other Oriental varieties such as Sorbonne (110 days) or Siberia (135 days) and the LA Hybrid Litouwen (75 days).

Production costs
As the production costs of each rapid lily is lower, your business becomes more profitable. In addition, it gives you the oppertunity to utilise your greenhouse more efficient.

We continue to invest in improvements and expect to be able to further develop our lilies bases on a long term vision.

Six rapid lilies
We’ve got six different rapid lily varieties. Some may be familiar, while others may be new. The Rapid Lily Line-up consists: Loxton, Silentia, Toba, Iceblond, Saloniki en Salvetia.

Do you want more information about our Rapid Lily Line-up? Please contact your accountmanager.

* Under Dutch growing conditions.

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