Royal Van Zanten showcases award winners at WFFSA, Miami

9 Mar 2023

At the WFFSA Floral Distribution Conference “Future in Bloom,” several of Royal Van Zanten’s novelties were showcased to flower wholesalers and buyers. Newcomers this year include Yellow Cap; a disbudded Chrysanthemum that resembles a Craspedia in its flower shape.

Promising: Chrysanthemum Yellow Cap and the white daisy Jaca Prov.

Versatile assortment
Royal Van Zanten’s breeders have been working hard in recent years. In addition to several new Chrysanthemum varieties, the now well-known and award-winning Molly™ series (SAF Award) and the variety Cresta Purple (Proflora Best Flower Award) were present at the WFFSA.

For Alstroemeria, Royal Van Zanten put the commercially proven bright yellow variety Sunny Lady™ in the spotlight. It was recently crowned ‘Best in Class’ at SAF 2022. The new lavender coloured Alstroemeria Florentina™, distinctive in its colour scheme, was also given pride of place.

Charmelia® was presented at Miraflor, with the introduction of Charmelia® Purplex. The Queens Flowers booth had the new Astronova® on display. Four varieties are now available in the United States.

Together with its partners, Royal van Zanten heavily emphasised the event’s theme of ‘Future in Bloom’.

Platform for wholesale: What’s b(l)ooming today
If you want to be sure you stay up to date with introductions, highlights, DIY, storytelling and free content for marketing purposes, Royal Van Zanten is offering a platform starting this year: What’s b(l)ooming today. This new platform was presented during the event. A surprising and distinctive product range is crucial in an increasingly competitive market. As such, Royal Van Zanten contributes to the creativity of marketers and florists, and also informs them online about the possibilities with flowers and plants.

Marketing Manager Rob van der Helm: “We are happy to look back on a very successful event, where we noticed that it is incredibly important as a breeder to really connect with the other links in the supply chain, to learn from them and offer them valuable information.”

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