Introduction of Charmelia® Blanca and Charmelia® Purplex

8 Jul 2022

A special milestone for breeder Royal Van Zanten and grower Together2Grow. As of this week, the Charmelia® assortment has been expanded with no less than two novelties: Charmelia® Blanca and Charmelia® Purplex. With their bright colours, the new varieties are a worthy addition to the successful collection.

Worthy addition
With much love, care and attention, Royal Van Zanten has worked on breeding two new varieties within the Charmelia assortment: Charmelia Blanca and Charmelia Purplex. Charmelia Blanca stands out because of its crystal clear, white colour and its beautiful branches. Wonderful in a bouquet, but also as a solitary flower. A purple Alstroemeria was still missing within the colour range of the Charmelia assortment. The arrival of Charmelia Purplex puts an end to this. With at least 20 flowers per branch, Charmelia Purplex provides a ‘purple rain’ of floral splendour. Both novelties have the same strong characteristics as the existing varieties in the current Charmelia assortment: rich flowering and a particularly long vase life, up to 21 days. As such, Charmelia Blanca and Charmelia Purplex provide extra long-lasting pleasure!

From this week on, Charmelia Blanca (VBN code: 128201) and Charmelia Purplex (VBN code: 128303) are exclusively available at Together2Grow. The complete Charmelia assortment is available year-round and is supplied under the Decorum label.

Charming -Long Lasting – Charming Beauty
Charmelia® is a strong, exclusive and special Florinca. Because of the many branches, the flowers grow in a fountain form upwards in a generous flower head. This makes her elegant, feminine and timeless. Charmelia is supplied by grower Together2Grow with beautiful, open flowers, making colour immediately visible at the time of buying and selling. Breeder Royal Van Zanten is fully committed to the development of the Charmelia range. The collection now consists of six varieties: Charmelia Blush, Charmelia Yellow, Charmelia Pink, Charmelia White, Charmelia Purplex and Charmelia Blanc

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