Grower Bos Bloemen introduces Celosia Caracas

8 Jul 2022

Celosia Caracas is back and is available for the first time this year at grower Bos Bloemen. Besides the colourful Celosias from the current range, consumers can now also enjoy the floral splendour of the plume-shaped Celosia Caracas this summer. The seasonal bloomer will be available as of this week.

A new Celosia variety for grower Bos Bloemen
The specialist in growing Celocias and Chrysanthemums adds a new product to its Celosia range this season, namely Celosia Caracas. The panicle shaped flower with an intense purple colour, will be available in a stem length of 60 cm during the next six months. The Celosia range currently consists of different varieties in many colours, including pink, orange, red, green and yellow. Bos Bloemen cultivates this seasonal flowering plant from the end of March until the end of the year.

Striking feather duster
Celosia Caracas is a striking, tropical flower with an intense deep purple colour. Due to its pyramid-shaped plumeaus, it is unique within the Celosia range and is also called plume comb. The cut flower contains only a few pigmented leaves on the stem and these vary from linear to ovate-lanceolate. Celosia Caracas is supplied by Bos Bloemen with a natural, bouncy flower, making it a perfect candidate for arranging in a stylish (plucked) bouquet.

Celosia Caracas (VBN code: 1581) is available from this week and will be supplied by grower Bos Bloemen. In the first few weeks approximately 25,000 stems per week will be supplied, which will later grow to 75,000 stems per week.

About grower Bos Bloemen
Bos Bloemen is the family business of Koos, Marieke and Philip Bos and is located in  ‘s-Gravenzande. Bos Bloemen grows beautiful Celosias in different colours and shapes.

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