A Summer party with Showmakers®

22 Jun 2022

Royal Van Zanten kicks off a new season of Showmakers®! Now that the sun is showing itself more often, it is the perfect moment for consumers to bring some cheerfulness to their pots, balcony or terrace with Showmakers®. Royal Van Zanten’s floral Aster series continues to develop and is now available from various growers.

Aster steals the show
The double-flowered Aster excels because of its large and richly filled flowers, naturally compact growth, contrasting dark foliage and a varying colour palette in blue-violet tones. Whether on its own in a large pot on the terrace or in combination with other plants, it will steal the show in any garden. With its flowering, unfurling petals, the Aster looks a bit like a peacock. The name ‘Showmakers’® is therefore more than deserved!

Long growth and flowering
The Aster has a strong character and performs well under a variety of (climatic) conditions. In addition to its rich floral display and remarkable amount of greenery, Showmakers continues to flourish where other garden flowers fail. The full, almost pompom-like flowers continue to bloom until late into autumn and are even capable of surviving the first light frosts of the night without damage. Asters are not called the queen of autumn plants for nothing!

In full development
The attractive Showmakers® series is ideal for use on the terrace or in the garden. With a little love and attention, consumers will enjoy a long-lasting flowering plant that meets the high quality standards that Royal Van Zanten sets for its products. But these are not the only advantages. Royal Van Zanten is investing heavily in the further development of the unique characteristics of Showmakers and is ready to further demonstrate the distinctive power of its Aster range.

This coming period the Showmakers® will be available at Endhoven Flower Plants, Montis, Plantise and WPK House & Garden. Check the current availability via Floriday.

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