10 years of Signum – time to celebrate

19 Feb 2020

With her green accents in the heart and white colour, oriental lily Signum is a true eye-catcher and a favourite among florists. It has been ten years since this beautiful lily became available on the market for the first time. Partly thanks to the passionate growers and the enthusiastic exporters, Signum is still very successful and a ‘must have’ in everyone’s assortment. That is a reason to celebrate!

Signum is a versatile oriental lily: she is stunning on her own, but also works well in a bouquet or flower arrangement. Signum stands out because of her upright flowers and beautiful flower shape. Her serene white colour, green centre and the contrasting colour of the pistil and stamens make her easy to combine with other flowers. Her green heart, for example can be emphasized by combining her with cut foliage alone, but it is also possible to make her pop among coloured flowers. Whatever you choose, Signum shines!

While her appearance works in her favour, this beauty is also very strong and available all year round. She makes the life of every florist easy.

In short, a strong flower that has not aged a day in over a decade!

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