Viva la Vida is the most colourful flower trend of 2024. With its vibrant, cheerful and expressive features, Fabienne is a perfect fit for this trend. Let this deep-pink spray chrysanthemum shine in joyous bouquets, in line with the latest trend!

Expressive use of colour

The flower trend Viva la Vida is all about positivity. Bouquets in this trend look very cheerful, expressive and festive. Warm, powerful colours – such as pink, fuchsia, bright yellow, orange and red – are a lovely fit. Why not try combining Fabienne’s intense pink flowers with other colours from this exuberant colour palette? The more colour, the better. You could even add light or, indeed, dark accents if the mood takes you. Just give it a try! This trend is simply begging for experimentation.

Unique flower shapes

Large, lush flower shapes, like Fabienne’s, are perfect for an expressive floral trend like Viva la Vida. After all, these flowers are large and double-flowered. Fabienne is widely branched as well, so you can also make large, lush bouquets with this spray chrysanthemum. 100% Viva la Vida!

Tips & facts:

  • Try pairing Fabienne with cheerful, colourful vases, either plain or decorated. This creates a warm, summery atmosphere.
  • You could also try putting Fabienne solo in a vase – like a proper diva.
  • Its colour retention is a unique selling point for this spray chrysanthemum. the flowers stay fresh and vibrant in colour.
  • The spray chrysanthemum Fabienne is named after auctioneer Fabienne Rood. She spotted this intense pink variant while visiting a flower trial at Royal Van Zanten. And she fell in love with it there and then. Don’t we all?


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