From Valentine’s Day to Women’s Day. A cheerfully blooming chrysanthemum is the perfect gift for these loving flower days. And don’t forget Mother’s Day! Our flower stylist shows you how to turn a chrysanthemum into a very personal gift. Instant inspiration for flower days that call for lots of love.


Chrysanthemum as a gift

A flowering chrysanthemum looks cheerful right from the start. That makes the chrysanthemum a wonderful gift, which is also practical (because it is very easy to take with you). If you want the love to shine through, add one eye-catching heart or lots of little hearts. On the plant itself or on the packaging. Prefer something more subtle? Then make a card in the colour of the plant with a sweet quote.


“B(l)ooming colours”

If you are celebrating love, of course the colour red is essential. Turn a red chrysanthemum into a sparkling gift with bright red packaging. But not everyone likes so much red (or dares to). Therefore, also offer chrysanthemums in other colours, such as sunny yellow (for happy lovebirds) and radiant white (always beautiful). Pink should not be missing either; especially Mother’s Day calls for a good dose of pink. From soft pink to candy cane pink!


3 B(l)ooming ideas & inspiration



  1. Present the chrysanthemum on your socials as the gift for Valentine’s Day / Women’s Day / Mother’s Day. Don’t hesitate and get in the picture yourself. The more personal your post, the more effect.


  1. DIY: create an urban jungle in your shop or window. For example, surprise your customers with a large freestanding bathtub (!) filled with bright red chrysanthemums surrounded by green plants. This is also a perfect picture for on your socials!


  1. Let customers add their own hearts to the plant of their choice. For example, place a vase with different decorative sticks on the counter: from matt natural to shiny gold. This way, a potted chrysanthemum becomes an even more personal gift.


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